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Anhui Hengsheng Industrial Co., Ltd. "by Lixin Hongfa meat Co. Ltd.", "Anhui Province Investment Corporation (now Anhui Anhui Investment Industrial Investment Co. Ltd.)", "Anhui Province Economic and Trade Investment Corporation (now Anhui province credit guarantee corporation formed a joint venture in July 2004)". The site is located in Lixin County, in order to further expand the scale of production and operation, in June 2010 began construction of the "Anhui Hengsheng Food Industrial Park in Lixin County Industrial Park, which is now the new factory. The new plant covers an area of more than 210 mu, with a total planned investment of 300 million yuan. Construction project in two phases: the annual high temperature meat products 10000 tons, 3000 tons of frozen beef, 1 million 200 thousand live pigs slaughtering and processing production line, million tons of cold storage and biogas and wastewater treatment and comprehensive service building, staff quarters and other facilities in the first phase of construction and put into operation in September 2012, the building area of more than 7.3 square meters a total investment of 1.6 million yuan.

The company now has a registered capital of 54 million 50 thousand yuan, more than 300 employees, the Department of Lixin County, one of the largest pig, cattle slaughter, food products deep processing and food research and development of meat processing enterprises, Lixin County: "industry ten strong", "tax contribution of advanced collective"; Bozhou: "private technology enterprises" and "re employment demonstration base", "double top ten civilization industrial enterprises", "top 50 enterprises in Bozhou province"; Anhui: "labor protection of advanced enterprise" and "local tax A-class tax credit enterprise", "Agricultural Development Bank AA level credit enterprise", "good faith enterprise", "Shou contract re credit enterprise", "agricultural industrialization leading enterprises"; "the national poverty alleviation leading enterprises".

The main products are: frozen cold fresh products, high class cooked food products, leisure tourism products, quick-frozen meatballs, conditioning, sauce products such as five series, more than 100 varieties. Among them, "Hengsheng" brand Spiced Beef won the "Anhui province famous brand of agricultural products", "brand-name products in Anhui province", "quality products Chinese". "Hengsheng" trademark was identified as "Anhui famous trademark", "Anhui food industry top ten influential brand", "famous brand Chinese". Products sold throughout the country, and into the Shanghai RT mart, WAL-MART...... And other large supermarkets nationwide.

The two phase project has a total investment of 140 million yuan, including 200 thousand slaughtered beef cattle, 6000 tons of low temperature meat products, 1000 tons of recreational meat products, 200 tons of edible hemoglobin and the processing line of condiment and bone meal. After the two projects are put into production, the annual output value can reach more than 1 billion yuan, and more than 800 people can be employed, which can promote the development of livestock farming by 15000 farmers. Hengsheng food industrial park construction, not only to lay a new foundation for rapid and sustainable development of their companies, and will be in Lixin metropolitan area economic development play an important supporting role.