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In a wave of economic development in the new century, the Chinese adhering to the traditional culture and wisdom, innovation practitioners of social ideal, created the economic miracle in the world.

This glorious stand in new stage, realized that only adhere to the "quality" and "conscience", we can catch up from behind, to win the market. Hengsheng industrial to the full integration of management resources, to enhance the brand value, the formation of new product development of customer-oriented marketing in the market, pay attention to the brand value of marketing, and customer experience of the brand management system to manage the sales and service process of the integration of the three.

We believe that only by continuously optimizing Hengsheng industrial own corporate culture, we can have a strong vitality and sustainable development potential. In the "Sheng Long persevere," the spirit of enterprise foundation, we will pay more attention to the value of innovation and respecting knowledge ability, strengthen the system integration, the pursuit of excellence, the new enterprise formed Hengsheng industrial "there is a sense of responsibility, a sense of crisis" values, to enhance the Hengsheng Industrial in resource optimization, core competitiveness, industry operation brand marketing, continue to strengthen the leading edge in Hengsheng industrial food industry development and market competition, continue to accelerate the development of the logistics industry, printing and Hengsheng food chain etc., for customers, employees and the society to achieve maximum value to achieve Chinese food industry realemerging and permanent prosperity!