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Profound understanding of "two learning and one doing""

Author: Source: Publishdate:2017-06-01 Views:1606

Anhui Hengsheng Industrial Co., Ltd. Branch

First, what is "two learning and one doing"?

That is: learning Constitution Party rules, learn a series of speeches to be qualified party members".

Two, why should we carry out "two learning and one doing" learning education?

Carry out the "two a" learning education is to study and implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping's important speech series, the implementation of Party Constitution on strengthening the education of the party members, and promote comprehensive, strictly extends to the grassroots, from centralized education extends to regular education, Party education expanded from the key minority to the majority of Party members, achievements in education and consolidate the party the mass line of educational practice and further solve the three three real strict, Party members exist in ideology, organization, style, discipline and other aspects of the problem, an important measure to maintain all Party members to deepen the party education and great practice of advanced development of the party and purity for the Central Committee of the party, strengthen ideological and political construction of the deployment.

Three, what is the general objective requirement of "two learning and one doing" education?

General secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in his important instructions on the "two learning and one doing" learning and education: "two learning and one doing" learning and education is based on learning, and the key is to do it. To highlight the problem oriented, to problems with learning, do you want to change, the qualified scale up, the person's bottom line zoned out, put up the tree image as the pioneer of Party members, with actions reflect belief strength." General secretary Xi Jinping important instructions, "two a" learning education theme, pointed out the direction, is to follow the basic carry out learning education, we must study and implement, implement, and make sure the party's ideological construction in the first place, to respect the constitution, abide by the rules and regulations as the basic requirements, to the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech to arm the whole party as a fundamental task, closely around the five efforts to resolve and strengthen the ideological education of Party members and guide as the starting point, persevere correct four winds, further efforts to strictly false problems of rectification, promote the party's work style improvement.

Four, to carry out "two learning and one doing" learning education should focus on solving what are the problems?

One is to solve some problems of fuzzy ideals and beliefs shaken members, is the lack of belief in communism, lack of confidence, China socialist spiritual emptiness, respected Western values, keen to organize and participate in activities of feudal superstition etc.;

The two is to solve some of the party members dilute the problem of consciousness, is the main line of consciousness is not strong, do not abide by the political discipline of political rules, in short, do not love party party party, retaining the party, not for the party organization, lax discipline, not required to participate in the activities of the party organization, do not pay dues. Do not complete the tasks assigned by the party organization, not according to the principle of Party organization work;

The three is to solve the problem of some party members a sense of purpose, is egoism seriously, ignoring the sufferings of the masses, compete with the people, the law enforcement injustice, chinakayao, Jiagongjisi, damage the interests of the masses, and run from danger in the safety of people's lives and property are threatened;

The four is to solve some party spirit problem, the main work is negative and not as not, poor, not evade responsibility, play an exemplary vanguard role;

Five, we should strive to solve some of the party members' moral misconduct, mainly in violation of social morality, professional ethics, family virtues, not paying attention to personal morality, seeking enjoyment, extravagance and waste, etc..

Five, through learning and education, should guide Party members in what areas have been promoted and strengthened?

To educate and guide the party consciously in accordance with standard words and deeds of Party members, further strengthen their ideals and beliefs, enhance party spirit consciousness; to further enhance political awareness, overall awareness, consciousness, consciousness as the core, a firm and correct political orientation; to further establish the breeze righteousness, adherence to political discipline and political rules; to further strengthen the sense of purpose, the courage to play, play the exemplary role in the production, work, learning and social life, the party in the ideological and political action on the unity of the solid foundation, to promote the coordination of "four comprehensive" strategic layout, implement the five development ideas provide a strong organizational guarantee.

Six, what is the policy strategy that should be taken to carry out the "two learning and one doing" learning?

"Two learning and one doing" learning education is not an activity. We should highlight the normal education, distinguish the levels, and solve the problems in a targeted manner. We should really focus on the party's ideological and political construction in daily, strict and regular. In the study and education, is to adhere to positive education and guidance, mind with scientific theory; the two is to adhere to the combination of study, practice; three is to adhere to the problem oriented, pay attention to the actual effect; the four is to adhere to the leadership, under the above rate; five is to proceed from reality, guidance. With the Party branch as the basic unit, the three class and other activities of the party organization as the basic form, in order to implement the party education management system as the basic support, according to different situations leading organization, leadership and cadres and ordinary Party members to make arrangements. The six is to give the grass-roots party organizations to carry out education combined with the actual learning space set aside, play to the Party branch of self purification, self improvement initiative, do things carelessly to prevent formalism.

Seven, what is the main content of learning education?

1, learning Constitution Party aspects. We should make clear the basic standards and set up codes of conduct, and earnestly carry out inner-party laws and regulations, such as the party constitution, the guidelines for the self discipline of the Communist Party of China and the disciplinary regulations of the Communist Party of China, and the history of the party,

The study of revolutionary ancestors and advanced models, especially the study of the party constitution, should be done through sentence by sentence, sentence by sentence.

2, learning series speech. To focus on strengthening the theory of armed, unity of thinking, to seriously study the general secretary Xi Jinping important thought of reform development and stability, domestic and foreign affairs and national defense and in running the party state and army and with Comrade Xi Jinping as general secretary of the Central Committee of the party governing the new concept of new ideas and new strategy.

Eight, what effect should we achieve in learning and education?

We should distinguish the leading cadres from ordinary Party members and Party members and determine the key points of study.

1, through one by one by one step through the comprehensive understanding of the party's program, keep in mind the party oath, remember the purpose of the party, Party members to keep in mind the duties and rights, respect the Constitution and guide members abide by the constitution, safeguard the constitution, ideals and faith, absolute loyalty to the party.

2, the "Chinese self-discipline standards", "the Communist Party of the Communist Party of China disciplinary regulations" and other regulations of the party and the party's history, the revolutionary predecessors and advanced models of learning, draw lessons from Zhou Yongkang, Bo Xilai, Xu Caihou, Guo Boxiong, Ling Jihua and other discipline violations, to eliminate the adverse effects, play a positive role and typical incentive the opposite typical warning, to guide the party to bear in mind the party disciplines, keep in mind the party's fine tradition and style, set up the lofty moral pursuit, develop self-discipline, hold the bottom line, and as a reference work.

3, learn the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping, and guide the party members to comprehend the rich connotation and core essentials of the series of important speeches, and thoroughly understand the standpoint, viewpoint and method of the Marx doctrine. Xi Jinping series of important speech of general secretary Marx Lenin to study Marxism, Mao Zedong thought, Deng Xiaoping theory and the important thought of "Three Represents" and Scientific Outlook on Development together, a profound relationship to understand the party's scientific theory and keeps up with the times, Chinese firm road of socialist confidence, theoretical confidence, confidence in the system.

Nine, do qualified party members should have the standard requirements?

According to the new development of the party and the state, the qualified party members should fulfill the new requirements of the party members:

Politics, faith, discipline, discipline, morality and morality, dedication and action.

Concretely show:

1, to maintain political character, the ideals and beliefs are always reflected in the power of action;

2, firmly and consciously in the same ideological and political action as the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping highly consistent, often take the initiative to the party central line, line to the party's theory, guidelines and policies, make sensible politics;

3, to practice the party's purpose, to maintain the feelings of public servants, remember that the Communist Party members are always an ordinary member of the working people, close ties with the masses and serve the people wholeheartedly;

4, to strengthen the party spirit and moral, in awe, holding a ruler, honesty in politics, strict management, build a strong defense against corruption;

5, to always maintain the general business, pioneering and enterprising spirit, when see, the key moment rushed up, in the "13th Five-Year" planning starts, the comprehensive well-off society and realize the goal in the first hundred years, be enthusiastic and press on contributions.

Ten, what measures should be taken to carry out learning education?

First, around the topic of study and discussion. Combining individual self learning with centralized learning, according to the "three sessions" system, Party organizations should regularly organize party members to concentrate their studies; without party groups, Party branches should concentrate their studies. Party branches hold a meeting of all Party members every quarter and organize a discussion around a special topic each time. The study and discussion should be closely combined with the reality, with personal and ideological work to see their real life, in the face of new challenge and new tasks, can stick to the communist belief the purpose of correctly handling the relationship of public and private, righteousness and profit, individual and organization, the individual and the masses, to strive for the noble moral, take the lead in practicing the socialist core value keep a positive outlook and a healthy lifestyle, can consciously know the fear of front party disciplines to abide by the rules, can maintain a good mental state, positive for the cause of the party and served as. Through the study, discussion, and truly raise awareness, find the gap, a clear direction of efforts.

Two is the innovative way of lectures. Lectures in the general Party branch range. The Party branch should be combined with the thematic study and discussion, make arrangements for the content, time and way of lectures. The leading cadres of the party should speak lectures in the Party branch, to the rural areas, communities, businesses, schools and other basic unit Party branch lectures. The organization of Party school teachers, instructors and members of the advanced model to the grass-roots Party branch lectures. To encourage and guide the grass-roots party secretary, ordinary Party members to practice speaking lectures. Focus on the use of examples around, their own experiences, strengthen interaction, answering questions and confusion, enhance the attraction and appeal of lectures. "71" before and after the Party branch should combine to carry out the activities to commemorate the founding of 95th anniversary, concentrated to arrange a party.

Three is to hold the Party branch special organization life meeting. Before the end of the year, the Party branch held a special organizational life meeting. The branch team and its members control responsibilities, party spirit analysis, exist in ideology, organization, style, discipline and other aspects of revealing problems. We should solicit opinions from Party members and the masses, conduct criticism and self-criticism seriously, and propose corrective measures for outstanding problems and weak links. Organize all Party members to appraise the work and style of the branch team. The Party group may, with reference to the requirements of the Party branch, organize a special organizational life meeting.

Four is to carry out democratic evaluation of Party members. 

The Party branch shall be held as a unit to hold meetings of all Party members and organize party members to carry out democratic appraisals. According to the standard of Party members, Party members are evaluated according to the procedures of individual self-evaluation, mutual evaluation of Party members, democratic evaluation and organizational evaluation. In combination with democratic deliberations, members of the branch team should talk to each party member. Party branch and party democratic appraisal of comprehensive daily performance, determine the evaluation grades, to be commended for outstanding Party members; the unqualified performance of the party, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Constitution and the party, and given different circumstances, carefully organized disposal.

Five is based on the position to contribute. According to the actual situation of different groups of Party members, Party members put forward specific requirements to play a role, educate and guide members in any position, any place, any time and in any circumstances that party membership, and actively work for the party. Combined with different areas, different industry practice, organize and guide Party members based on their posts and perform their duties responsibly. In rural communities, focusing on the implementation of party posts will be responsible and commitment Jiannuo system; in the social organization of state-owned enterprises and non-public enterprises, and focus on the implementation of system of demonstrative hillock and area of responsibility of Party members; in the window units and service industry, focus on the implementation of Party members listed posts, liangmingshenfen system; in the organs and institutions, to promote the performance of Party member model job responsibilities, implement the party report to the community, directly serving the masses in the school system; key requirement for the party to enhance party consciousness, consciously love the party support the party for the party, professional virtue, contributing to society. In the commemoration of the party's 95th anniversary founding activities, we selected and commended outstanding communist party members, excellent party workers and advanced grass-roots party organizations.

Six, leading cadres and leading cadres. In the "two leading cadres of the party should learn a" learning education, walking in front of a deep layer, the strict implementation of the life system of the dual organization, participate as an ordinary Party branch where the party organization of life, and to study and discuss together, together, together to solve the problem of revealing the education, to join the party democratic appraisal. To convene a party (party), learning general secretary of Party Constitution and Party Xi Jinping series of important speeches; to Party committees (party) organization center group focused research, deepen the learning effect. The annual democratic life will take the theme of "two learning and one work" as the theme. The leading bodies and leading cadres should put themselves in and find the problems.

Eleven, how to organize and lead the "two learning and one doing" learning and education?

"Two learning and one doing" learning education under the leadership of the Standing Committee of the Central Political Bureau, the central organization department led the implementation of the organization, the Central Commission for discipline inspection organs, the Central Propaganda Department, the Central Party school to cooperate with the relevant work.

1., layers of responsibility. Party committees at all levels (Party groups) should carry out "two learning and one doing" learning and education as a major political task, good responsibility, grasp in place, see actual results. The provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) and departments (Systems) Party committees (Party groups) should make arrangements in accordance with the actual situation, and strengthen specific guidance. County Party committees should play a key role in formulating concrete implementation plans, ensuring the work force, and strengthening supervision and guidance. The party committees at the grass-roots level should conduct on-the-spot coverage of the whole coverage and the whole process of the party branches under their jurisdiction, and help Party branches formulate educational plans for the study and send personnel to participate in activities of the party branches. Party organizations at all levels should assume the main responsibility of the party, not only to manage cadres, with a good team, but also manage party members, with a good team, layers of conduction pressure, strictly from reality to do a good job learning and education.

2., strengthen organizational protection. Increase the consolidation of grassroots party organizations are weak and lax efforts, complete with strong team especially leaders, improve the working system, to ensure that the "two a" learning people catch someone. To carry out party membership to focus the investigation, find out the "pocket" party members and Party organizations and the long lost contact with Party members, Party members and organizations to straighten out the relationship, to make each party member into the effective management of Party organizations, to participate in the study and education. Party committees, members of the organization, organizations and other party members should be trained to help them master the methods of work and make clear the requirements of their work.

3. pay attention to classification guidance. Party committees and enterprises, schools and other basic level party committees in the county (city, district) should make specific demands on the content, arrangement and organization of learning and education according to the characteristics of different fields, different trades and different units. For non-public enterprises and social organizations, enterprise system, can be due to gang system, flexible arrangements; the number of Party members, Party members of less liquidity and strong Party organization, relying on regional party service center, using open organizational life style, organization of Party members to participate in the study and education. The flow of Party members, the inflow and outflow to the party organization should strengthen coordination and cooperation, in accordance with the flow oriented principle, the flow of Party members into a branch, the nearest handy in education. As for retired cadres, staff members and old and weak party members, strict demands should be reflected and practical conditions should be taken into consideration to organize them to participate in the study and education in an appropriate way.

4. play the media role. According to the diverse learning needs of Party members, Party members to make full use of network, mobile phone, TV, micro channel easecredit and remote education platform, develop intuitive and rich learning resources, timely push the learning content. Guide Party members to use the Internet to study independently and interact with each other so as to expand the coverage of learning and education. Pay attention to the use of various media, publicity, "two learning, one do" learning and education practices and results, strengthen public opinion guidance, and create a good atmosphere.

Feeds: Union president Wang Mingkun