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Development status and development trend of meat processing enterprises

Author: Source: Publishdate:2017-06-01 Views:1555

Since the reform and opening to the outside world, with the development of animal husbandry and the improvement of consumers' economic conditions, the production of meat products has shown a flourishing scene, and the quantity of production and marketing has been increasing year by year.

At present, China's meat products accounted for about 4.2% of the total output of meat, about 3 million tons per year. Among them, ham sausage accounts for about 1/3 of the meat output.

Chinese meat products have a long history in China and have always been dominant. With the introduction of Western meat products equipment and technology, the product structure of meat products in China has also undergone great changes, and the production of Western meat products has improved rapidly. But Chinese meat products because of the color, aroma and taste are superb, at present, the two are basically scoring spring and autumn.

I. the status quo of meat processing enterprises

In recent years, due to the development of meat production in China, it has greatly promoted the rapid rise of Chinese food industry. In our country, the food industry has taken the top spot in the whole national economy, while the total output value of the meat industry is only fourth of them, and the development potential is considerable.

Two, the development trend of meat food industry in china.

In recent years, the meat consumption in China has undergone obvious structural changes. The development of quick-frozen instant meat products is swift and violent. It is not only the consumption hot spot of exploiting the market, but also the new economic growth point of expanding export.

(1) traditional meat products are moving towards modernization. Traditional Chinese meat products have a long history, rich in varieties, color, aroma, flavor and type, and are well received by consumers. Chinese meat products are being made from traditional workshops to modern factories, and breakthroughs have been made in preservation, quality assurance, packaging, storage and transportation, and the old brand has renewed its vitality.

(two) low temperature products are in the ascendant. The production of meat products can be divided into high-temperature meat products and low temperature meat products because of the different temperature of heating and sterilization.

High temperature meat products generally refers to the meat products with high temperature and high pressure processing, heating temperature is over 115 DEG C, such as iron cans, aluminum foil packaging meat products, high temperature shrink film (PVDC) packaging made ham sausage etc.. Meat protein denature the high temperature meat products, nutritional loss, elastic fiber poor meat; meat sucks is not strong, with a cooked flavour, lose the inherent flavor, but long shelf-life, shelf life of up to 4 months or more.

Meat products at low temperature are processed by steaming, boiling, smoking and roasting, and the meat products are processed by sterilization process with the center temperature of meat products reaching 75 DEG C to 85 DEG C. The product has the characteristics of tender, crisp, soft, delicious and delicious. In the processing of meat, moderate protein denaturation, maintained the original elastic, fleshy strong sense of chewing, maximally keep the original nutrition and the inherent flavor, quality is better than that of high temperature products, but the price is short, the shelf life of the number of days to more than 10 days, the inconvenience of long-distance transportation and storage. Because of its advanced technology, high science and technology, low nutritional loss, special flavor and bright color, low temperature meat products are now popular in Europe and America and become worldwide products, and their sales have been increasing.

Judging from the present situation, the market share of high-temperature meat products in China is much higher than that of low temperature meat products. But in the long term, with the understanding and improvement of living standards, high temperature meat products market will be gradually reduced, low temperature meat products has a strong impact on the meat market, has become the main trend of the future development of meat products in china.

(three) consumption of cattle, sheep, poultry and meat products has increased. In recent years, along with the people living standard and health awareness, the number of demand for meat products gradually shifted to the pursuit of confrontation, quality and health function of meat products will rise to the first position, trend of nutrition, health and care, safety, leisure and convenient direction.

China is a big country with a population of 1 billion 300 million, and has the largest food consumption market in the world. Meat consumption can still maintain a growth rate of 3% - 5%. The great potential of the food market provides a broad space for the development of the meat industry in China. Therefore, it has also been valued by experts and businessmen both at home and abroad.